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Ognen Uzunovski - Ogi is actively involved in the promotion and production of visionary music events in Macedonia and internationally. His ideas and choices are always welcomed and supported by the fans.

In 1999 the friendship between Ognen Uzunovski –Ogi , Samoil Radinski , Ivan Todorovski and Dr. Smilen Dimitrov took them into a music venture by creating the organization Balance.

 In 2000 Balance organizes their first and unforgettable party in Macedonia with Derrick May. After the organization of this initial music event come a series of promotions of artists from Detroit and all around the world and also their first vinyl release in 2002.

 He has also been involved in publishing, particularly through the initiation of the translation of "Electroshock" by Laurent Garnier & David Brun-Lambert into Macedonian language in 2007.  

Ognen Uzunovski - Ogi has inaugurated and managed a variety of clubs and venues, primarily in Skopje, Macedonia, that have a special focus on contemporary, electronic, and recently jazz music.

In 2008 he becomes a part of the night club Sector 909 where Ogi gets the opportunity to promote a different variety of international dj, producers, artists and jazz musicians. Because of the great variety and quality of performers this club has grown into an eminent club, one of the best in the region.

In 2009 he opened his coffee bar Izlet kafe , a place in the center of skopje with great energy and beautiful music. Ogi also organized the Fonetica festival two years in a row on which only Macedonian djs were promoted and the festival was attended by 15000 people.

The adventure of Izlet Music has started back in November 2011 when Ognen Uzunovski - Ogi  initiated the event “Skopje connection meets Ernst Reuseger”.

Izlet Music Production organizes and manages live events intended to reach the selected and targeted groups of audience in Macedonia and  worldwide.

The use of creative and innovative concepts and their seamless implementation, is a motive for a bigger success especially supported by the fact that during its work, throughout the years it managed to make a lot of supportive and loyal fans. Izlet Music became, and is, a well respected organization in Skopje, Macedonia and the region.

One of the latest but also biggest projects so far is the “techno-symphonic fusion” collaboration  between Derrick May and Dzijan Emin named “Musica Universalis” preformed on 02 August 2014 Antique Theatre OHRID MACEDONIA.

Dzijan Emin

Conducter and composer

Multi Instrumentalist who has been actively working as composer of music from different areas.

He is the first horn at the Macedonian orchestra, first horn at the Belgrade orchestra and at the orchestra No Borders which is comprised from the best musicians from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Also, he’s very important part of many international and domestic projects and groups, as a composer, arranger, hornist, guitar player, vocalist, and a producer.

Dzijan has had performances worldwide, and has collaborated with great musicians such as Franck London, William Parker, Bob Stewart, Graig Hopkins, Peter Herbert, Dato Suzuki, Akos Szeveleny, Sizzle Ohtaka, Giovanni Falzone, Malcholm Burn, Francesco Bearzzati, Luca Acvino, Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi orchestra, Georgi Sareski, Kiril Djakovski, Arhangel, he also had performances with the Macedonian orchestra, Clark College Symphony- Portland, orchestra East- West, the orchestra at the Faculty of music arts- Skopje, No Borders orchestra, etc.

He also worked as a Music art director of the 14th  Youth artist 2009 European Biennial, conductor and orchestrator of FAMES project orchestra, producer and master of sound at Chicken Madness Studio.

As a performer and a composer he has released over than 15 music albums. He also has written a film and theatre music for many Macedonian movies and theatre performances.





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